Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Hiring bloggers to work for political campaigns is still, in my opinion, not worth the trouble it invites for both the blogger and the campaign. But a blogger who gets hired by a political campaign and does not disclose it as he writes repeated blog posts praising his candidate and denigrating his opponents? Well, that's downright disingenuous.

Update I: Erick from Peach Pundit (where Andre is a front page poster) apologizes that Andre was allowed to blog there about his candidate's opponent without full disclosure.

Update II: The blogger in question, Andre Walker of Georgia Politics Unfiltered, responded to the allegations by basically claiming that the source newspaper--Atlanta Progressive News--is also guilty of dubious ethical decisions. Notice that he has no answer for why he failed to disclose, and does not deny the facts at the heart of the APN story.

Also, Griftdrift has a spot-on as usual writeup about the damage that stupidity like this can do to the credibility of bloggers everywhere. He also answers Ken Edelstein of Creative Loafing's charge that the real problem is blogger anonymity. Ken, a tip from one of the many denizens of the Georgia blogosphere: there ain't really that much anonymity when you dig into it, and we have ways of policing our own. No need for those torches just yet.

Update III: Just because I don't want anything to be unclear or misleading, the "full disclosure" tab to the right with an Obama logo was added to this blog back in January when I had made my choice for who I would support in the presidential primary. I have never received any compensation from the Obama campaign or any other political entity, but I have been a donor to the Obama campaign numerous times. (Money has strictly flowed one way in this relationship...out of my wallet and into his coffers!) But, see, I still wanted you all to know where my personal biases may come into play when I comment about national politics. It's not that hard for us bloggers to give the readers the information they need to understand the prism through which they should view our posts.


Thomas L. Strickland said...


Wait. Let me rephrase that.


Nikki said...

oh, what the hell ever. I'm not sure if anyone even reads andre for anything but "WTF?" value anymore. God knows I wouldn't trust him any further than I could throw him.

Grayson: Atlanta, GA said...

Andre will likely pick-up about a zillion more visits to his blog and a couple of new clients out of all this. He'll start charging more per hour, and soon be driving a big-ass fancy new car over to Manuel's every now and then, to mingle with gnat-like former blogger acquaintances, if at all. It's the American way.

We are all just enablers.